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The Integral PMO and Agile

Of course an important ingredient of an Integral PMO is the integration of Agile concepts and approaches. Plethon helps PMO leaders understand, evaluate and adopt agile methods for the projects and organizations they support.There is a bewildering amount of information about how to apply agile methods like Scrum, XP, TDD, or Lean to a team of 7 or 9 developers.  By comparison, there is very little about how PMOs can integrate and support agile development teams, or to apply agile methods at the program, portfolio, or PMO level.

The desire to understand and adopt agile is high.  While not without costs, agile development methods hold the promise of higher productivity, higher quality, and more predictability.   The Gartner group predicts that by 2012 “agile development methods will be utilized in 80% of all software development projects”.The push to adopt agile has come largely from the technical community.  Executive management may also push for it, but more commonly organizational leaders don’t understand enough or fear it so actively resist adoption.  This leaves the PMO as often caught in the middle between agile enthusiasts (aka extremists!) and senior management.  PMO leaders are challenged to develop effective decisions and strategies when it comes to Agile adoption.At the same time, many PMOs are challenged to demonstrate how they deliver business value.  In some organizations, justification for the PMO is an annual debate.  This makes them an easy target for those in the organization who would like to skirt some of the important governance measures that the PMO has deployed.I hope you find information that you are looking for.  If you don’t, please comment below.Thanks,Carl

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